Robotic Fencing Cell

As an important safety requirement ISO certified special Fencing is needed for Robots in case of any malfunctioning. It helps protect the operator of an industrial robot from any injury. A safety fence system is used in automation technology, installed around a handling system or a material flow system.

They act as a physical barrier between the robot and employees on the floor. Swiza can take up any type/size of robotic fencing projects with our made in India international quality ISO 14120 certified fences.

Machine Guarding

ISO 14120:2015 pertains to the safety of machinery through general requirement for the design & construction of fixed & movable guards. Swiza follows above international standard during the design and manufacturing of machine guards. Machine Guarding is an important aspect to the day to day functionality of any machine as it helps to prevent accidents.

Swiza Machine Guard systems are best in class and we can make sure there is safety around any automated equipment in industrial environments.

Warehouse/Store Fencing

We have done projects to secure a perimeter for specific zones and areas in a warehouse for various storage zones. A store fencing helps in safety of goods stored and the specification of a designated area for the same.

Swiza has undertaken such projects and supplied Fences basis special requirements and instructions of customers.

Palletizer Lines Fencing

Robotic palletizing is a specialized integrated industrial equipment which can meet various payload requirements. Swiza safety fencing is used to guard such palletizing cells as well.

All kinds of customer palletizing lines fencing requirements can be catered.

Conveyor Fencing

Certain conveyors with various application set ups need to be guarded throughout the operation process, Swiza is equipped to manage fencing projects for conveyors with electrical safety switches and sensors.

We can even customize basis special size requirements. Swiza’s in house design team can help create the layouts for all such projects as well.

Converting Machine Fencing

Swiza has taken up specialized sliding door fencing projects for the converting machine manufacturing industry.

The packaging industry machine manufacturers make sure of the safety aspect for their machines and hence these projects have been special for Swiza Safetech LLP.